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ETA Bootcamp is Proud to Offer Scholarships!

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MW Scholarsip

Apply now for the Joseph Gregory Fernandez Memorial Scholarship

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Joe was smart, funny, sincere, kind, a generous son and brother, and a loyal friend. 


He truly loved the electrical profession and worked hard at every task he was assigned. Joe had an amazing work ethic, was a fast learner and always helped others during his classes and on job-sites. He became a mentor and friend to all he worked with. 

Joe's sense of humor and sincerity will be missed by everyone.

Joe was a graduate of Northern Valley Old Tappan High School and attended The University of Rhode Island.

The Joseph Gregory Fernandez Memorial Scholarship covers the full tuition of ETA for one student. The scholarship is only offered for our September sessions.

Application can be found below.

JGF Scholarship

All applicants to the Electrical Training Academy are eligible to apply for the Joseph Gregory Fernandez Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship covers full tuition at ETA for one year, for one student, valued at $18,000.


Ensure you have submitted your main application at THIS PAGE first, then, return here to submit your scholarship essay.


The cutoff date for scholarship applications is August 1, 2024.

Have any questions?

Feel free to contact Jimmie Bodrato at 845-220-7235

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