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Jimmie Bodrato
Owner and Founder

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to stop by our website of the Electrical Training Academy, located in Clifton, New Jersey. I am Jimmie Bodrato, a 43 year veteran of the construction industry and I’ve watched the training process consistently disappear. I would like to see the training process get turned back around to its original roots for the future of the electrical construction industry to survive!

With that being said, I have created a "Bootcamp" style training academy that trains pre-apprentices to the necessary tasks, which in turn, will provide value to our great electrical industry. I am a father of three children and a master electrician in New York and New Jersey. I would like to share my work experience and history so you better understand why I feel this is a necessity for our industry to train with a purpose.


Austin Bodrato
President and Owner

The road to being the 3rd generation electrician in my family took a different path than both my father’s and my grandfather’s. After graduating from St. Joseph Regional High School, I was selected in the MLB draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates; however, I decided to attend The University of Florida on a baseball scholarship. Here is where I became a part of a National Championship baseball team. I later transferred and finished playing baseball at The University of South Florida. It was at that time I decided I wanted to start my electrical career full time. 


My electrical career started in the IBEW Local 102. I’ve since left the IBEW and have worked for numerous electrical contractors in NYC, NJ, and the Hudson Valley region. In March 2023, I decided to open an electrical company of my own, One Three Electric Inc. The guidance and support from my father, Jimmie Bodrato, helped make this possible. Seeing whats he’s done since starting his career and having established ETA has been inspiring. But overall it’s been amazing to see him mentor, guide, and support other young electricians like myself. 

Michael Connor
Director of Curriculm/Lead Trainer

After graduating high school, I attended Rockland Community College to study Criminal Justice. I thought college was the only path to success, but little did I know, college was not for me. I decided 3 years later to join the workforce and applied for an my first electrical apprentice job, where I met Jimmie Bodrato. I spent the next 6 years of my career there and learned to love our craft.

I started the apprenticeship program while working in the warehouse, then moving to the estimating office, and finally getting into the field. I was put into a position where I touched everything to get the job done - estimating, purchasing, prefabrication, installation, and project management. I have pursued the trade and just this year was able to earn my New Jersey Master Electrician License.

In summary, college is not for everyone and the electrical industry has a lot to offer, and I certainly am a product of that.

Marketing Team


Hilary Patullo
Chief Marketing and Content Officer

Curiosity has always been my driving force. It encourages why I do what I do - being a marketer. Over the past decade, I've had opportunities that encouraged my curiosity, which have allowed me to learn and grow. I've also always thoroughly enjoyed school. After graduating high school, I attended The University of Tampa, where I received a Bachelor's in Science in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing, followed by graduating from Iona College, where I received my Master's of Business Administration in Marketing with a focus in Ecommerce. I'm a strong believer in education - no matter how it's defined - whether it's attending a university or joining the trades, because curiosity is the basis of education.


Jack Delle Cava
Executive Producer of Social Content/Assistant Director of Student Outreach

I am a 2021 graduate of Rutgers with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies. After graduating college, I found myself in a position similar to many students who enter ETA, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. I come from a family of union electricians, and through giving the trades a shot, I got connected to Jimmie.

I joined ETA in 2022 to help Jimmie with his brand image, marketing, graphic design, and producing video content. I also lead many of our outreach campaigns, help to coordinate and organize our career days at local high schools, and made this website. Outside of work, my biggest passion is playing music in my band Flycatcher.

our inspiration, born 1917

Joe Bodrato
Jimmie's Grandfather and Inspiration

My grandfather, Joseph Bodrato was born on March 4, 1917 in Northvale, New Jersey. He was the son of Anthony, a construction worker, and grandson of Lorenzo, a school teacher from Italy turned into a craft stone cutter in the United States for employment. Joe had 3 brothers, himself and 2 of his brothers were tradesmen and 1 a civil engineer. Joe’s life was long and full of many great moments and work was the way of life, after his family.


Before becoming a tradesman, Joe's first job was with his eldest brother Freddy, where they were sent away for $1 a day to pick strawberries from dawn to dusk, including three-square meals of fresh farm food and fresh milk. Although the work was laborious, the fresh food was superb - Joe’s greatest memory of that job.

​America, please remember, we will honor the greatest generation in our country‘s history by bringing back the roots of building, with honor and pride, in training the future of our country.

​The hard-work and dedication of men like my grandfather inspired me to open this training academy, and I hope our school can inspire you to pursue a life in the trades.

-Jimmie Bodrato, Owner and Founder of Electrical Training Academy

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