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job placement resources

Electrical Training Academy is proud to connect you to the organizations and leaders who will be looking to hire you, educate you, and develop you into model employees.


These indentured apprenticeship programs are a great place to continue your training after completing ETA Bootcamp. They are an essential step towards attaining your masters electrician's license.

Recently, we have worked with several county apprenticeship coordinators to allow many programs in New Jersey to accept our ETA transcript as credit for the first year of your indentured apprenticeship. Ask your apprenticeship coordinator if they accept our transcript!

Click this link above to see New York Apprenticeship programs. 

*Search for "new york city electrician" and "mid-hudson electrician".

Click this link above to see local Apprenticeship programs. 

*Search has been pre-defined for the
local area.

One Three Agency

Electrical Training Academy has recently begun to work with One Three Agency, a local staffing agency, to connect our graduates to contractors and help them find employment.

Use the link to the left to visit their website and learn more about what they can offer our graduates.

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