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Electrical Estimator

"I started working at 16, working at the warehouse over the summers until I graduated from Marist College. From there I worked at an advertising agency in NYC for a year, but it was not for me. I got a call from the warehouse that they needed help and saw it as an opportunity to transition to whatever was next. After working almost a year in the warehouse Jimmie brought me into the office to learn how to estimate electrical installations. Working under him and Brian, the chief estimator, I became very interested in the pricing out of projects. At the same time I was in the apprentice program in year 1 after completing pre apprentice. Working long nights going straight to class was difficult, but worth it. Eventually I made the decision to pursue the estimating side of electrical rather than the installation. I have worked in the estimating department the last five years and have been part of the estimating team awarded many electrical jobs, one being around 40 million in NYC. Working under Jimmie and Brian I was able to see different aspects of the electrical firsthand. Their experience in the trade has shaped my estimating skillset and I am very thankful for their guidance and interest in my career.  I have become a melting pot of different mindsets within the office which has helped me foresee and account for specific issues that come with estimating that may not be apparent simply looking at a drawing set. Working with Jimmie in electrical and estimating gave me the tools and procedures I use for every project on a daily basis. I am always trying to expand my knowledge of the trade, but the base they helped build is priceless. I also cannot forget to mention Jimmie's relentless passion for helping others succeed around him. He will push you until the team succeeds. He did it with my career path and will continue to do it for whatever project he is involved with."

Nelson Morales
Electrical Supervisor


"As a young man, I knew I wanted to work with my hands but I wasn’t sure what trade I was going to get into. I started working in my family's masonry business for a while but I wanted more. I applied for an electrical job and met Jimmie B for the first time. After working with him for a few months I knew this was the trade I wanted to be in. He gave me the opportunity to learn and succeed in the trade. He taught estimating, purchasing, and then sent me to the field to learn the installation. He gave me the tools to turn my job into a career and become a leader in the trade."

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